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Monday, October 17, 2011

A Blessed Weekend!

My Saturday was welcomed with 2 good news:

Gonzo, the stray cat we've been regularly feeding is going to be adopted by the kind manager of North Park who's also been caring for him for a while now. One emotional burden unloaded! We've been thinking about re-homing him after we do a neuter operation on him... and now we don't have to worry about who to take him anymore!

Next, the "jumper" will be welcomed at Ann's farm next week! We fostered this cat by accident because she was seen to jump from our building and the guards thought it was our cat and caught her. They knocked on my door and found her in a sack, very scared. After telling them she's not mine, we couldn't turn our back because we knew that the guards will just let her out - and it was raining hard then. The guard also mentioned that she might have fractured her legs for that high jump. And so we took her in. Unfortunately, she's not a house cat type. She's extremely wild and would hiss and scratch me if I go close. And even when I feed her everyday, she wouldn't tame. After spaying her, we were already thinking if we should take her back in the streets or what? She can't be adopted. But I just feel so sorry for her that I don't want to give up. She was sent to us for a reason, and maybe it's our chance to save her from the streets. And so, since she's far from being adoptable no matter how hard I try, I tried to contact one of our dear friend, Ann, who also do cat rescues, and ask if the farm that her cousin owns can accommodate one more cat. I explained what happened and told her what "jumper" is like. And there, she said yes! I was very happy!

We will schedule to bring her there next week. Another emotional burden gone :).


  1. Hi Marvie, I used to live in Salcedo Village. Is this the Northpark in Leviste? And is gonzo the dirty white cat with a collar?> reason I ask is we feed him sometimes when we wake up at like 3 or 4am and we see that he has someone taking care of him. We were always wondering.

  2. Hi Nina. Yes! He's probably the same cat. This "gonzo" cat's white, with black spots on the head. He's dirty most of the time but fat and very very friendly. Aww that's nice of you. No wonder he got fat. We also used to feed him and the manager takes care of him. He's with the North Park manager now. I have not heard how he's been but I was really glad that he finally got adopted :).