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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Happy Birthday Nishi!

Nishi if 4 years old! We love you so much baby girl! Long live the Nish!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Keeping the Balance - Stressed Mom, Cats Not!

So as our big move comes closer each day, I'm becoming more and more stressed with different concerns. It's funny to think I'm more stressed with my cats than myself, moving to a different continent. I seem to not care about what's life there is for me where we are moving, how I'm going to adapt to the weather and the new culture. I don't care much anymore how I'm going to move my life there. What I keep on thinking is the transport of my 6 cats - wanting everything to go smoothly, with the least possible stress for both them and me. I'm so paranoid of 10 different things I could hardly sleep....

Meanwhile, the cats did not show any form of concern whatsoever.

Sleepy Van and her beautiful black face.
Nishi, why so sleepy?
Pansker contemplating - about food.
This Lotto guy doesn't care at all for as long as you don't wake him up from his precious nap.
Of course, Sylvia has to look mysterious and pretty all at once.
Pan and Patty both with sleepy eyes.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

People Who Loves to Complain But Never Participates

Why is it that this world is swarmed by people who just loves to complain but isn't willing to move a finger to make a change?

My friend called me up on the weekend to ask about spay/neuter. He doesn't have pets, but just concerned with the growing number of cats in the compound where he lives. He isn't going to adopt or care for them, but just wanted to prevent them from multiplying further. Good enough for me. At least he is concerned. I seldom hear stuff like this and so when I do, I feel this spark of hope in my heart that I couldn't explain what the hope is about.

The cats, however, are feral so it won't be an easy task. I emailed CARA Welfare (NGO) to ask for assistance since this appears to be a cat colony, asked what our options are and what not. I also informed my friend that these cats will be spayed/neutered, but then we will have to return it in the compound as part of the TNR program. I tried to set my friend's expectations that these cats will need to recover at least 3 days for males, and 5 days for females before they can be let go - and this will need his assistance. Unfortunately, he won't be able to do so because he's running a business. We had a little chitchat about the cat situation and apparently, the people living in the compound are all pissed off with these cats. They riot, make noises every night. One of the neighbors even expressed that he wanted to shoot the cats. Serious threat or not, it isn't funny. It immediately pissed me off. I asked my friend if he knows anyone in the compound who's in to animals, and if anyone is willing to help out - either participate in the TNR, or just house the cats for 5 days max until they are recovered. The answer is NO.

First, animal cruelty is a criminal offense. I don't know if these people know that. Second, why the fuck would you shoot a cat? Does it know what its doing? Is it its fault to be a stray? Who have bigger brain, you or the cat? And third, if the cats are your problem, why not help out the people who would like to help solve the problem? It's funny how they expect other people solve their cat problems while they sit their ass and scratch their balls, when it is in fact the problem in the place they live in. I'm sure they will argue that these are not their cats and they don't have anything to do with them. True. But isn't it your compound too where you should take responsibility? And since someone is already giving you an option how to resolve, why the hell wouldn't you participate? Why?

Because they think oohh it's too much work!

A lot of people think that animal neglect and cruelty occurs because of lack education. So most of NGOs have education program regarding animal welfare. But to be honest, it's not only the lack of education that results to people neglecting animals. Apathy and laziness play a huge chunk in this too. Why is it so difficult to exert a one time effort that will benefit them too? This is really upsetting. Specially the part when i heard about hurting the cats. If only I can take them all. If only I know enough people who can take them in, adopt or foster them. Sadly, I don't have that luxury. Even the luxury of having animal lover friends. Deep inside I really do feel sad that I don't have enough animal lover friends. I find it sad sometimes that almost everyone who have helped me re-home my rescues were not from my circle and were, then, not my friends.

I'm pissed, and I don't know what to do. Aside from the fact that these cats are feral and hard to catch, i am not comfortable for the fact that someone in the compound have this idea of hurting them - whether he means it or not.

So help us God.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My Turn for Blood Test

Today was my schedule to get a blood test. I have this skin condition that keeps on coming back that my doctor requested for a CBC and Fasting Blood Sugar test to eliminate the possibility that I'm diabetic. I was dreading this day. I know that the needle wouldn't hurt as much as needle poking on my pores whenever I go for a facial cleaning. But the thought of a needle drawing my blood's just a nightmare. I have this phobia since childhood that I have never outgrown, no matter how hard I try to convince myself that it doesn't hurt. I kept telling myself, if my cats can do it, so can I. But it didn't quite help.

 As soon as I sat down with the med tech, my tears just involuntarily flowed and I couldn't stop crying. My face was so wet and one of the nurses in the room approached the booth because she was afraid I might faint. I'm so embarrassed that I was crying like a child and all i could tell them was I'm so sorry, I'm just so afraid. I pulled one of the nurses and ask her to hold my hand. And then they drew blood. I was crying the whole time.

It was ridiculous, but i need to get it done. So that I can know what's causing these skin problems, and so my family and some of my friends would stop blaming it on my cats. I'm 100% sure i didn't get these nasty things from them. I had them for years and I never had issues like this. I clean them all the time, clean the house and sanitize everything every single day. So it's just me, I am sick! I'm trying to get some rest now with Lottie who seems to feel my stress after the blood test. I think Nishi is secretly laughing at me and thinks karma finally got me from taking her for blood tests. Wish me luck for the results!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Robbie, the Orange Tabby

Here's the story of Robbie.

I was passing by the stretch of Roxas Blvd driving back from Cavite city one afternoon. The traffic was getting moderate to slow when I saw this kitten from afar sitting on its paws on the side of an island in the middle of the highway. There's not a single time I remember that I have driven to or from somewhere without seeing at least one dead cat, so I was getting ready to say my prayers thinking it's another dead cat (sad but true). As I passed by, I noticed that it moved. It was a quick decision, the traffic was moderate to slow, and I had a chance to stop so I did it, got out of my car, walked to the cat while cars were honking at me, and immediately grabbed the kitten. He was taken by surprise and didn't get a chance to run away.

He was panting and dehydrated from sitting under the scorching afternoon heat. I immediately took him to the Animal House clinic for check up and confinement. He's about 3-4 months old. Aside from dehydration, he also have a bit of eye infection. But other than that, he looks good. The vet said he seemed to be just dumped recently because he still seems to be healthy other than those 2 things. But as precaution, I had to keep him confined in the clinic for a few days. I don't want to compromise the health of my other 6 cats at home in case orange tabby is sick, plus Nishi's still not well and the last thing I want is to stress her.

Robbie, in the Animal House clinic.He's about 3-4 months old.

He didn't have a name then, and in the clinic he's just known as the "Mulder Cat". To be honest, I can no longer take any more rescues. I have been telling this forever, I have reached my max, space has ran out and my hands are more than full to take another - but then again, I couldn't turn my back. It could have been as easy as turning a blind eye and hope that someone else would pick him up. But I knew chances are he won't get picked up and he'll get run over, it's just a matter of time. So I actively looked for at least someone to foster and offered to provide everything the kitten needs. Unfortunately, no one came forward.

Robbie's emoticon chart.

After a week of staying at the clinic, I brought him home. I gave him half or our balcony and made sure that no cat can cross from one side to another. I wanted to keep him separated for at least another week until I am very sure that he doesn't carry any infectious disease. I also gave him a  name - Robbie. I think he looks like a Robbie :).

But Robbie turned out to be a "Houdini". After his disappearing act and got me all worried, I worked so hard to make his side of the balcony secured - only to fail miserably. I woke up one morning surrounded with my cats - AND ROBBIE. Beside me. Sniffing my armpit. How the hell did he escape again?! I can never figure out.

Robbie, 10 days after rescue, now getting cozy.

Robbie turned out to be very vocal and playful kitten. He's ready for adoption now. And as always, one of my requirements is he has to be an indoor cat.  I hope to find Robbie a good family to adopt him soon. If you are interested to adopt, please leave me a comment here.

Ciao for now!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Thank You Patty!

I have a new kitty rescue, but I gotta fast forward a bit. I promise I'll write about his story in my next post.

So after a 5 day confinement in the clinic, I brought the orange tabby kitty home this evening. I still have to separate this baby from my other cats for at least another week to make sure that little orange tabby is free from sickness. I divided my balcony in to two as suggested by my husband so that the other half can still be enjoyed by my cats, while the other one stays confined on the other half. My balcony is cat proof and has been fully tested by Sylvia who has not been out ever since I have reinforced the fence and the netting.

OK so I left kitty and started to do my work routine as it's almost time for work. After 30 minutes, I thought I should check him and feed him. To my surprise, he was nowhere to be found. I turned the whole balcony upside down, but he wasn't anywhere. I checked everything where he could be hiding, or where he could fit, and I couldn't figure out how he escaped. I was so afraid that he made it out to the outer balcony and start cruising in the neighbor's balconies - worse, get trapped somewhere I couldn't reach him. I kept on calling him, trying to shake my food container to lure him, but no response. I was so afraid he wouldn't come back because a. he hardly knows me, b. I haven't even fed him, so he wouldn't know if this house has food for him. For hours, i just went back and forth : Balcony -> outer balcony -> back to the house -> go back to the balcony again and check if he has come back -> outer balcony again to see if he's anywhere in sight. All I could think of is what if something happens to him? What if I have a neighbor who hates pet and discovers him? What if he gets trapped? So many shit popping in my head. I was so desperate I started to cry. There's really nothing I could do at that point, but to wait. I started browsing about DIY cat traps. But no, the tools needed I don't readily have, and if I have to trap, I have to do it now now! So I cried again.

Then Patterick came and sat beside me. He probably thought i look stupid crying over nothing. Then kissed him and rubbed his face and asked him if he could pray with me so that the kitty would come back. Instead of ignoring me and walking away (like he always do), he sat there for a long time with a comforting eyes.

When i got tired of crying, i pulled myself together and told myself OK, I'm just going to print photos tomorrow and put it up in the elevator. I hate putting attention to my cats because I'm being discreet about them since this condo's a bit strict with house pets. But I have to take responsibility, and I have to tell them as early as possible.

After my work meeting online, I stepped out again just taking chances... and then i saw something moving...

Patterick's prayer is so awesome! I'm so ecstatic now I feel like I'm going to be super productive with everything :D!

I locked up little tabby for the mean time, until I get a chance to reinforce the balcony again. I think he can still fit under the railings. What a little Houdini!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Nishi's Having Seizures :(

My eldest cat (3 years old) Nishi started to have seizures all of a sudden. It started January 3, when i saw her fell from the foot of the bed, about 1.5 ft. high, and thought she just got out of balance. I followed her immediately and thought there was something wrong. Her ears were all outwards, and she was holding her one paw up. I got scared and thought she fell bad and carried her instantly to inspect and comfort her. Then she started twitching violently. She got me scratched up pretty bad but I did not let go because I was afraid that she might hurt herself. The seizure lasted for about a minute. My husband and I were in shock and I started crying because I didn't understand what the hell just happened. Nishi foamed in the mouth, and she was very exhausted.

We immediately took her to the vet clinic to get her checked up. They did a full blood chemistry to eliminate cause of seizure, but didn't find anything significant. I described what I saw, and how long it lasted. Seizure incidents are uncommon to cats, but unfortunately the doctor couldn't tell us what's wrong with Nishi. Blood test came out negative, there's no infection, temperature was normal. She also have an appetite, and she's very much alert and active after the incident. The doctor said she might have an idiopathic epilepsy, which just means seizure that has no apparent cause. They offered to admit Nishi, but they also said that all they can do is observation at most. Their advise was to bring home Nishi and observe, then take her back if anything happens. And that's what we did. Besides, I'm not really comfy leaving my cats in the vet clinic where there's more possibility that they can get exposed to other diseases.

5 days has passed after the first incident, Nishi was fine. So we were quite hopeful that it was a one time thing. But all of a sudden it happened again, without clear cause or trigger. It lasted for a minute again. After the seizure, Nishi was again foaming in the mouth, and very much exhausted. Then she recovered, walking around like nothing happened - only, she seemed to be disoriented. She seem to not recognize the house she's living in. She kept exploring everything, sniffing everything. But other than that, she looks perfectly normal.

Again, the vet couldn't explain what has occurred. She wasn't poisoned, she has no infection. She didn't have any injury in the head. Nothing. Their best bet is epilepsy. They prescribed us a drug to give her to help manage the seizures - but not to cure it. Since there seems to be no apparent cause, they can't cure anything. Seizures are very rare in cats, and probably that's why there are less veterinarians that know or expert about this. It's too unfortunate that Nishi got this problem - yet better than fatal diseases.

The seizures are getting more and more frequent, and all we could do is to observe the severity, how long it takes, and what exactly the seizures look like so we can tell it to the doctor. The doctor also mentioned that an MRI might help, but they don't think there's any MRI for cats around the metro. So yeah, we are kinda fucked.

Every time it happens, I cry. My husband is leaving tomorrow, and I don't know what I will do if Nishi would have seizures again - this time with just myself to rely on. I am so afraid. I don't want to lose Nishi. I love Nishi so much. Nishi has changed a huge part of myself and my life. I do not want to lose her. I am so afraid that one day, she will have a seizure and will not be able to recover from it. I don't know what else to do. I get paranoid all the time. I couldn't get out of the house because I am afraid that Nishi might have another incident and might hurt herself. I couldn't sleep well, because I always wanted to be aware of my surroundings, be able to get up immediately in case Nishi gets an attack when I'm asleep. I really wish the seizures would just magically go away, or at least tell us what's wrong so we know how to correct it.