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Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Laptop Destroyer

I swear I won't be talking to Lotto and Sylvia for days if my laptop would start causing me problems in the following days...

I was taking a piss in the bathroom when they rioted, once more, on the bed where my laptop was peacefully sitting on top of a bed tray that Mark gave me on Christmas. The intense fighting resulted to pushing the table off the floor, crashing my laptop on our tiled floor. I was horrified to see but couldn't do anything because I was sitting on the throne.

3 months ago, one of my naughty cats also knocked down my laptop but didn't witness it, and after a day, it wouldn't boot anymore. Apparently, the hard drive was damaged, probably because of the fall. Now, I can't handle another repair, worse, a replacement for this laptop. I can't be changing laptops every year.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Brother's Love

Apart from being hungry 100% of the time, who would eat almost anything that's edible, Lotto's also the friendliest cat in this house. He loved all the cats that we fostered in the past. When they were gone, he would look for them and meow all over the house.

Now, Lotto's playing a big brother to the 3 kittens we currently foster. I'm sure he'll miss them once they get adopted.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sylvia's Song

Sylvia has proven our cat-proofing efforts, once again, a failure. She escaped again, for the nth time, roaming around the extended balcony of our neighbors. She does comes back, but I don't really like the idea of her being out. She might cause troubles in the other balconies, like eat neighbor's plants, or get eaten by neighbor's dogs. So Mark's yet again re-enforcing security in the balcony.

Now, I wonder what goes inside Sylvia's head...

I think this song plays in her head whenever she plots her escape.

Monday, October 17, 2011

A Blessed Weekend!

My Saturday was welcomed with 2 good news:

Gonzo, the stray cat we've been regularly feeding is going to be adopted by the kind manager of North Park who's also been caring for him for a while now. One emotional burden unloaded! We've been thinking about re-homing him after we do a neuter operation on him... and now we don't have to worry about who to take him anymore!

Next, the "jumper" will be welcomed at Ann's farm next week! We fostered this cat by accident because she was seen to jump from our building and the guards thought it was our cat and caught her. They knocked on my door and found her in a sack, very scared. After telling them she's not mine, we couldn't turn our back because we knew that the guards will just let her out - and it was raining hard then. The guard also mentioned that she might have fractured her legs for that high jump. And so we took her in. Unfortunately, she's not a house cat type. She's extremely wild and would hiss and scratch me if I go close. And even when I feed her everyday, she wouldn't tame. After spaying her, we were already thinking if we should take her back in the streets or what? She can't be adopted. But I just feel so sorry for her that I don't want to give up. She was sent to us for a reason, and maybe it's our chance to save her from the streets. And so, since she's far from being adoptable no matter how hard I try, I tried to contact one of our dear friend, Ann, who also do cat rescues, and ask if the farm that her cousin owns can accommodate one more cat. I explained what happened and told her what "jumper" is like. And there, she said yes! I was very happy!

We will schedule to bring her there next week. Another emotional burden gone :).

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Kal's Ready For Halloween!

Kal decided to be the one-eyed cat monsturr. He's practicing his scary growl in this picture.

Friday, October 14, 2011

The Application Called EEEEE=M

One of my cats' favourite hang-outs is my laptop. They sometimes type cat language on my Skype chat window sent to my bosses, and sometimes they just play my itunes music when they feel like chilli'n. Today, Pan seemed to be looking for an application called EEEE but failed to find it.

Two months ago, I had this laptop serviced. I was pretty embarrassed that when they dismantled it, they found so much cat hair I could make a cat keychain from it.

Cats, cats...

Thursday, October 6, 2011

3 Kittens Health Update

Even if their health progress was super slow, I'm quite happy that slowly they are recovering from various illness they encountered in the past weeks. We are continuously and religiously giving medication and immune system boosting vitamins each day to help them build a stronger immune system so this period of their lives won't ever happen again!


Pan is a beautiful girl once again. The skin disease is gone, and she's finally growing her fur back. Her face is back to normal, no more ear mites too. The only issue she have now is the respiratory problem. Her nose is still a bit stuffy and I can still hear her having breathing difficulty. She sticks her tongue out when she can't breathe during her sleep. She's still in antibiotic and there's about 3 days left. I nebulize (is that the right term?) her every day like a baby.


Good news! Van is not going to go blind like what the eye specialist vet in the Mandaluyong clinic said. We are extremely happy. After being confined in the Animal House for 5 days, she came home to us with still closed eyes, but manageable. The only reason we had her confined was we couldn't administer the medications in her eyes as we are required to force open it - something we aren't qualified to do. Her eyes is way better now, still a little bit swollen, but you can tell it's healing. However, she's still having breathing issues like Pan. You can hear some sort of phlegm build up in her throat, and like Pan, she's under antibiotic for another 3 days + nebulizer everyday.


Kal's respiratory issue is almost gone. He hardly sneeze now and his breathing is normal. He's also under antibiotic for another 3 days. The eye infection is almost gone too. But the bad news is, he's going blind. It wasn't Van after all that's in the risk of going blind but him. I feel terrible and sad for this baby boy. The infection left his right eye lens cloudy. It almost looks like glaucoma. I am still hopeful that in a few weeks or so, it will improve and clear up, although the vet has already set our expectations. I still pray that the eye heals. He's still a kitten and most of him is still developing.