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Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Laptop Destroyer

I swear I won't be talking to Lotto and Sylvia for days if my laptop would start causing me problems in the following days...

I was taking a piss in the bathroom when they rioted, once more, on the bed where my laptop was peacefully sitting on top of a bed tray that Mark gave me on Christmas. The intense fighting resulted to pushing the table off the floor, crashing my laptop on our tiled floor. I was horrified to see but couldn't do anything because I was sitting on the throne.

3 months ago, one of my naughty cats also knocked down my laptop but didn't witness it, and after a day, it wouldn't boot anymore. Apparently, the hard drive was damaged, probably because of the fall. Now, I can't handle another repair, worse, a replacement for this laptop. I can't be changing laptops every year.

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