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Monday, November 21, 2011

A Nice Quiet Sunday Evening

After coffee session with my fellow cat slave lover, Gerry, I went home feeling lazy and was just in a mood for a quiet evening. We decided to have a movie night. So I cleaned up a little, showered, fixed some snacks and jumped on the bed with my hubby and started a movie. Surprisingly, Nishi jumped on the bed between us, rested her body against me and started to watch the movie. She was very quiet, very sweet. She didn't complain when I pet her. She usually bites me when I do, get pissed, and then get off. But this evening, she was super behaved, like the old times. She haven't done this in a very very long time. I enjoyed the moment. It's just like those times when she was little where she always love cuddling and sleeping beside me. Mark and I were very happy.

 However, like a typical Filipino, as soon as the movie ended, she stood up, stretched her tortoise back, and left the bed - without waiting for the credits :).

 The movie was >The Cat Returns (Neko No Ongaeshi) by Hiroyuki Morita. This is one of those simple joys I appreciate and cherish. I love my baby cat!

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