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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Back with the Pack (or whatever you call it)

I'm home finally after a month long stay in the Netherlands to spend Christmas with Mark's family and to celebrate our wedding, this time, with Mark's family and friends. Ever since I got home, I was just wasting time feeling sorry and regretting the decision to leave our cats and our home under the care of my dear brother. I wrote a long entry about in my personal blog in the hopes that writing about it would lighten up the anger and frustration I felt. But today I'm feeling better. Things are slowly getting back to normal, at least the cat and house state. But me personally, I think I need a little more time.

My cats, including the Nish (who's the biggest bitch btw) are unbelievably extra clingy ever since I got back. They just gather everywhere I'm at. When I'm cleaning, when I'm working, when I'm in the shower, and when I sleep. Pan can't get enough of me. She constantly jumps on my lap, either just hugging me while she falls asleep, or sucking on my shirt. It was also weird that Nishi comes to me now not to bite, but to lick my hand. She comes to me to be pet. Lotto just loves to rub his face against mine every single time. I think they were too scared that I might go away again. I think they really missed me and how I cared for them. I feel a lot better to see them getting back in shape, in the same loving mood, and specially, CLEAN.

I miss Mark terribly. But we have six cats waiting on us. I could have stayed longer with him but I just can't get that peace of mind knowing that our babies are away. Oh well, my cats are good in keeping me entertained and also comforting, enough to keep me happy and positive :).

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