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Monday, February 13, 2012

A Feeling of Contentment with My Baby Cats

Surely I miss my husband so much. But I'm grateful to have my cats with me. Without them I'd probably sulk on sadness for a very long time and lose weight again. They keep me entertained, extremely busy, and comforted.

I do have a lots of things I'd like to do, and things that I'd like to have. But every day spent taking care of them, playing with them, waking up with them, gives me this feeling of contentment. Everyday when I wake up on bed and I see all 6 surrounding me in our queen size bed, I feel like saying "this is life". Even though it seems that all they do is to sleep and eat, run around, mess up the house, bother me when I'm working, I could feel their love for me. How often do you see cats kissing humans? How often do you see cats try to get your attention in funny ways when you are stressed and burned out? How often do you see cats comfort you when you are crying in bed? My cats do this all to me.

Even though I don't go out as often as I used to, and that I have more responsibilities now than ever, and even if at times I really lose my patience with my cats, I still feel blessed and happy that they are around me. I feel a level of contentment with our exchange of love and care for each other.
Lotto, Pan and Van, cuddling on the fresh sofa throw.

Life is tough!

Van's eyes matches the green couch throw.

Sylvia, my escape artist. She dreams of her next escape.

Nishi is emo as usual. My loving baby cat with a twist.

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  1. Aww, love your kitties <3, you're such a good mommy