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Thursday, October 6, 2011

3 Kittens Health Update

Even if their health progress was super slow, I'm quite happy that slowly they are recovering from various illness they encountered in the past weeks. We are continuously and religiously giving medication and immune system boosting vitamins each day to help them build a stronger immune system so this period of their lives won't ever happen again!


Pan is a beautiful girl once again. The skin disease is gone, and she's finally growing her fur back. Her face is back to normal, no more ear mites too. The only issue she have now is the respiratory problem. Her nose is still a bit stuffy and I can still hear her having breathing difficulty. She sticks her tongue out when she can't breathe during her sleep. She's still in antibiotic and there's about 3 days left. I nebulize (is that the right term?) her every day like a baby.


Good news! Van is not going to go blind like what the eye specialist vet in the Mandaluyong clinic said. We are extremely happy. After being confined in the Animal House for 5 days, she came home to us with still closed eyes, but manageable. The only reason we had her confined was we couldn't administer the medications in her eyes as we are required to force open it - something we aren't qualified to do. Her eyes is way better now, still a little bit swollen, but you can tell it's healing. However, she's still having breathing issues like Pan. You can hear some sort of phlegm build up in her throat, and like Pan, she's under antibiotic for another 3 days + nebulizer everyday.


Kal's respiratory issue is almost gone. He hardly sneeze now and his breathing is normal. He's also under antibiotic for another 3 days. The eye infection is almost gone too. But the bad news is, he's going blind. It wasn't Van after all that's in the risk of going blind but him. I feel terrible and sad for this baby boy. The infection left his right eye lens cloudy. It almost looks like glaucoma. I am still hopeful that in a few weeks or so, it will improve and clear up, although the vet has already set our expectations. I still pray that the eye heals. He's still a kitten and most of him is still developing.

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