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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Keeping the Balance - Stressed Mom, Cats Not!

So as our big move comes closer each day, I'm becoming more and more stressed with different concerns. It's funny to think I'm more stressed with my cats than myself, moving to a different continent. I seem to not care about what's life there is for me where we are moving, how I'm going to adapt to the weather and the new culture. I don't care much anymore how I'm going to move my life there. What I keep on thinking is the transport of my 6 cats - wanting everything to go smoothly, with the least possible stress for both them and me. I'm so paranoid of 10 different things I could hardly sleep....

Meanwhile, the cats did not show any form of concern whatsoever.

Sleepy Van and her beautiful black face.
Nishi, why so sleepy?
Pansker contemplating - about food.
This Lotto guy doesn't care at all for as long as you don't wake him up from his precious nap.
Of course, Sylvia has to look mysterious and pretty all at once.
Pan and Patty both with sleepy eyes.

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