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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Happy Birthday Nishi!

Nishi if 4 years old! We love you so much baby girl! Long live the Nish!!!!!!

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  1. Hi there fellow (genuine) animal lover. I placed "genuine" since I could relate to you after reading your blog that it is hard to find someone as passionate as you are about pets and more so about cats.
    Like you, I've been adopting stray cats and rescued dogs off the streets. I've been doing this for almost 17 years now and if I am going to count as to how many probably it would be almost 50.
    Taking a strange cat home is a mixture of sadness and happiness- being merciful I supposed comes natural to us then the responsibility kicks in knowing that we become committed for life with these furry friends.
    I am not well-off just surviving our day to day existence and the sole provider for a human family of 7 (3 kids) and 10+ cats and dogs. I don't feed scraps or table food and half of my income goes to pet food. I am sacrificing a lot like going for a hair treatment just once a year and having a foot spa twice a year. I rarely buy new things for myself it is always the kids and pets come first. But I am happy in what I do and the joy is priceless.
    I know how difficult it is thinking about your cats well being, their security and needs. I leave in a community of people with only a handful of them who practice animal respect. And my everyday wit my cat family is a constant battle that I need to win every time. Most kids would scare or hurt the cats, neighbors will instantly shoo or even chase the cats with a broom even if the cats just sit quietly in the corner. There even an instant that I went fighting with a close friend when I learned about her plan of literally sacking my furry family for good.
    I wonder why it's been almost a year since you had your last entry in your blog. And the reason why I am reaching out to you through here is to let you know that you got a good friend in me who shares your passion and love for the cats. I don't know of a way to reach you so I decided to take this chance. And if ever you read this hope you'll drop me a line or 2 on my FB Macy Santos ( the one wearing a sunglasses on board an airplane profile pic).
    I offer my sincere friendship since I could not even relate among my closest friends and family the pains and joys that these stray cats have brought into my life. I wish you all the best and send my love to your cat family.