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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Cherish Each Day - and Happy Birthday Nish!

It's been exactly a year since I last posted in this cat blog, how about that?

It's also almost a year since we moved in Berlin. The cats adjusted pretty much faster than I did. The move was definitely a positive thing to them - especially to the Nish.

Remember the days when Nishi had to take medicine daily to manage her inexplicable seizures? It miraculously went away when we moved to Berlin! We could never be happier.

Until a month ago, she had an episode that scared the life out of me. I found her one evening under the bed slightly twitching her back as if she has a hiccup. Long story short, we rushed to a 24 hour vet clinic and later realized that she has also gone blind.

I'll spare you the details about the trip to the 24 hour vet, but it was the worst vet I have ever encountered in my whole life - I still get upset by just recollecting how she treated me and Nishi, specially when she said Nishi was dying.

Well, Nishi wasn't dying. It was just her bad judgement.

The thought of Nishi dying, and just the thought that all my cats will all go one day, hit me pretty bad. I have seen and shared grief with friends and family members who went through with death of beloved pets, but the real thing is totally something else of course. I can definitely say at this point that I am not ready for any of it. In fact, I have a problem with death in general. A fact of life, but still...

Everything will and must come to an end. Life will end wether I like it or not. What really matters is what you make of it while it last. And from those memories, it is what you cherish that makes it live for eternity.

Today is Nishi's 5th birthday. I think it is a good excuse to mark this day to start blogging again and document the moments I share with them.

They say cats have 9 lives. And Nishi has used up 4 in 5 years. Nevertheless, she is back to her normal, bitchy self. Her sight has returned too. We had a long talk that she's going to stay healthy and live a long life with her mum, dad, and the pupicats. We love our baby girl so much. Here's to another year of health, wealth, happiness and love.  Love you Nishi!!! You are one of the best things that ever happened to us!

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