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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

People Who Loves to Complain But Never Participates

Why is it that this world is swarmed by people who just loves to complain but isn't willing to move a finger to make a change?

My friend called me up on the weekend to ask about spay/neuter. He doesn't have pets, but just concerned with the growing number of cats in the compound where he lives. He isn't going to adopt or care for them, but just wanted to prevent them from multiplying further. Good enough for me. At least he is concerned. I seldom hear stuff like this and so when I do, I feel this spark of hope in my heart that I couldn't explain what the hope is about.

The cats, however, are feral so it won't be an easy task. I emailed CARA Welfare (NGO) to ask for assistance since this appears to be a cat colony, asked what our options are and what not. I also informed my friend that these cats will be spayed/neutered, but then we will have to return it in the compound as part of the TNR program. I tried to set my friend's expectations that these cats will need to recover at least 3 days for males, and 5 days for females before they can be let go - and this will need his assistance. Unfortunately, he won't be able to do so because he's running a business. We had a little chitchat about the cat situation and apparently, the people living in the compound are all pissed off with these cats. They riot, make noises every night. One of the neighbors even expressed that he wanted to shoot the cats. Serious threat or not, it isn't funny. It immediately pissed me off. I asked my friend if he knows anyone in the compound who's in to animals, and if anyone is willing to help out - either participate in the TNR, or just house the cats for 5 days max until they are recovered. The answer is NO.

First, animal cruelty is a criminal offense. I don't know if these people know that. Second, why the fuck would you shoot a cat? Does it know what its doing? Is it its fault to be a stray? Who have bigger brain, you or the cat? And third, if the cats are your problem, why not help out the people who would like to help solve the problem? It's funny how they expect other people solve their cat problems while they sit their ass and scratch their balls, when it is in fact the problem in the place they live in. I'm sure they will argue that these are not their cats and they don't have anything to do with them. True. But isn't it your compound too where you should take responsibility? And since someone is already giving you an option how to resolve, why the hell wouldn't you participate? Why?

Because they think oohh it's too much work!

A lot of people think that animal neglect and cruelty occurs because of lack education. So most of NGOs have education program regarding animal welfare. But to be honest, it's not only the lack of education that results to people neglecting animals. Apathy and laziness play a huge chunk in this too. Why is it so difficult to exert a one time effort that will benefit them too? This is really upsetting. Specially the part when i heard about hurting the cats. If only I can take them all. If only I know enough people who can take them in, adopt or foster them. Sadly, I don't have that luxury. Even the luxury of having animal lover friends. Deep inside I really do feel sad that I don't have enough animal lover friends. I find it sad sometimes that almost everyone who have helped me re-home my rescues were not from my circle and were, then, not my friends.

I'm pissed, and I don't know what to do. Aside from the fact that these cats are feral and hard to catch, i am not comfortable for the fact that someone in the compound have this idea of hurting them - whether he means it or not.

So help us God.

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