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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My Turn for Blood Test

Today was my schedule to get a blood test. I have this skin condition that keeps on coming back that my doctor requested for a CBC and Fasting Blood Sugar test to eliminate the possibility that I'm diabetic. I was dreading this day. I know that the needle wouldn't hurt as much as needle poking on my pores whenever I go for a facial cleaning. But the thought of a needle drawing my blood's just a nightmare. I have this phobia since childhood that I have never outgrown, no matter how hard I try to convince myself that it doesn't hurt. I kept telling myself, if my cats can do it, so can I. But it didn't quite help.

 As soon as I sat down with the med tech, my tears just involuntarily flowed and I couldn't stop crying. My face was so wet and one of the nurses in the room approached the booth because she was afraid I might faint. I'm so embarrassed that I was crying like a child and all i could tell them was I'm so sorry, I'm just so afraid. I pulled one of the nurses and ask her to hold my hand. And then they drew blood. I was crying the whole time.

It was ridiculous, but i need to get it done. So that I can know what's causing these skin problems, and so my family and some of my friends would stop blaming it on my cats. I'm 100% sure i didn't get these nasty things from them. I had them for years and I never had issues like this. I clean them all the time, clean the house and sanitize everything every single day. So it's just me, I am sick! I'm trying to get some rest now with Lottie who seems to feel my stress after the blood test. I think Nishi is secretly laughing at me and thinks karma finally got me from taking her for blood tests. Wish me luck for the results!

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