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Monday, February 11, 2013

Thank You Patty!

I have a new kitty rescue, but I gotta fast forward a bit. I promise I'll write about his story in my next post.

So after a 5 day confinement in the clinic, I brought the orange tabby kitty home this evening. I still have to separate this baby from my other cats for at least another week to make sure that little orange tabby is free from sickness. I divided my balcony in to two as suggested by my husband so that the other half can still be enjoyed by my cats, while the other one stays confined on the other half. My balcony is cat proof and has been fully tested by Sylvia who has not been out ever since I have reinforced the fence and the netting.

OK so I left kitty and started to do my work routine as it's almost time for work. After 30 minutes, I thought I should check him and feed him. To my surprise, he was nowhere to be found. I turned the whole balcony upside down, but he wasn't anywhere. I checked everything where he could be hiding, or where he could fit, and I couldn't figure out how he escaped. I was so afraid that he made it out to the outer balcony and start cruising in the neighbor's balconies - worse, get trapped somewhere I couldn't reach him. I kept on calling him, trying to shake my food container to lure him, but no response. I was so afraid he wouldn't come back because a. he hardly knows me, b. I haven't even fed him, so he wouldn't know if this house has food for him. For hours, i just went back and forth : Balcony -> outer balcony -> back to the house -> go back to the balcony again and check if he has come back -> outer balcony again to see if he's anywhere in sight. All I could think of is what if something happens to him? What if I have a neighbor who hates pet and discovers him? What if he gets trapped? So many shit popping in my head. I was so desperate I started to cry. There's really nothing I could do at that point, but to wait. I started browsing about DIY cat traps. But no, the tools needed I don't readily have, and if I have to trap, I have to do it now now! So I cried again.

Then Patterick came and sat beside me. He probably thought i look stupid crying over nothing. Then kissed him and rubbed his face and asked him if he could pray with me so that the kitty would come back. Instead of ignoring me and walking away (like he always do), he sat there for a long time with a comforting eyes.

When i got tired of crying, i pulled myself together and told myself OK, I'm just going to print photos tomorrow and put it up in the elevator. I hate putting attention to my cats because I'm being discreet about them since this condo's a bit strict with house pets. But I have to take responsibility, and I have to tell them as early as possible.

After my work meeting online, I stepped out again just taking chances... and then i saw something moving...

Patterick's prayer is so awesome! I'm so ecstatic now I feel like I'm going to be super productive with everything :D!

I locked up little tabby for the mean time, until I get a chance to reinforce the balcony again. I think he can still fit under the railings. What a little Houdini!

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  1. Maybe we should cally him Harry (Houdini) instead of Robbie!