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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Annie and Nikki

There were 3 kittens found in Greenbelt 5, roaming around at some posh restaurant, when a customer complained about their presence. The management immediately told the janitor to "get rid" of the kittens. Well, if you are from here, "getting rid" would mean throw them away. Luckily, the kind-hearted janitor took them to Bow and Wow employees instead, since he probably couldn't keep them. The pet store, however, doesn't shelter stray animals, but they are known to support animal welfare groups, so they took the kittens and hoped that their customers might have the heart to adopt them. One got adopted immediately, and two were left.

Mark went to Bow and Wow just in time before they close to get cat supplies and saw these two little babies in a box. The Bow and Wow vet explained where they came from and they would really need someone to take them in. Mark couldn't turn his back, but at the same time he couldn't carry these kittens because he didn't have a carrier and he went there on foot, he didn't bring our car. Then someone came. He said he can't take the kittens because he is full, but he can donate a carrier so Mark can safely bring them home.

We named these two kittens Annie and Nikki, after the two vets from Bow and Wow. They were very aloof and scared in the beginning. They hiss at us non-stop. But after two days, they began to be OK. The two are inseparable. They are about a month old and very playful. As much as we want to keep them, we have a very limited space, plus we already own four full grown cats. So we are sending them up for adoption, and currently looking for a loving and caring home for them. If you are interested, please shoot me a comment and I'll get back with you. It would be sad to separate them so we prefer to get them adopted together.

Annie and Nikkie posing.

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