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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Finding Haydi

Today, we found Haydi, a 3 month old, black, female cat, laying helpless along the PLDT building going to the walk way to Greenbelt. As always, there were hundreds of people walk pass her ignoring her existence and condition laying on that path. As normal, nobody gave a shit. It was similar to the rescue experience we had with Freddie, where the cat was just lying lifeless that we first thought was dead. Haydi hardly moved. Her eyes were filled with mucus, head balding from an infected wound. I offered her food but she wouldn't eat. We immediately put her in a re-usable shopping bag since we didn't have anything with us to carry her along. She was in a very weak state and didn't even try to object.

Mark brought her to the Animal House clinic. We found out that she's badly dehydrated, and she have a respiratory infection. The wound in the head was also pretty infected. She'll be confined in the Animal clinic for about 3 days, has been dewormed and cleaned. I'm glad we found her just in time. Soon we will be needing a loving home for her too.

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