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Friday, May 14, 2010

A Cat's Call

The kitty incident last Sunday was a bit traumatic, I must say. It has not left my mind at all and it still makes me sad whenever I remember or re-read my blog entry about it. It haunts me when I ride my car or whenever I pass that street where I found her. I couldn't tell anyone her story without feeling pain (I'm not overreacting) and I honestly want to get over it. I feel so involved with a kitten that I didn't own, that I didn't hit, and I have never known.

I previously wrote about compassion for animals and mentioned I have always have a heart for them but never really took action on that feeling. And so I came to conclude that this might be a calling for me, a chance to act on that compassion and make a little bit difference in this world. So Mark and I started a small project. Every time we go out, we bring our kitty cat relief kit that contains a bottle of water, food container, and Whiskas sachet so we can easily feed any strays that we come across with. I wish I could take them all in - however, it's the next best thing we can do for them at the moment. I find it a good therapy for me too whenever we feed them. It helps relieve that guilt of being a human, but not acting human towards animals. And at the same time, even if these little creatures may not understand, in our little ways we show that there are still human beings that have a heart.

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