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Monday, May 10, 2010

A Sad Story

2 months ago, we passed by a cat that was ran over by a car on a fly-over going to Quezon Ave. I was at the backseat trying to nap when Mark swerved sharply. I didn't witness what Mark and Sid, who's on the passenger seat, saw. Apparently, he was surprised and avoided this cat that had been hit earlier. He was so upset that he cried in the car because he saw the cat still alive, trying to drag itself to safety. We couldn't do anything. We can't stop to help it because it's a highway and we can just post danger to other motorists. So we knew, the little cat will just die there. The thought was depressing enough for me, but I can't imagine what Mark felt when he saw the little cat struggling for his life, knowing that he's a big animal lover. How could a little cat end up in a highway in the first place, specially, in the fly-over? My assumption was someone left the poor cat there when the highway was less busy. That's what irresponsible, heartless, cat owners do when they get crowded with kittens. They just throw them everywhere, anywhere. Instead of spaying/neutering their cats so it won't multiply anymore, they throw the kittens away.

Mark was very upset. So I told him, next time we see a cat in a busy street, we will rescue and pick it up if all possible. We will stop for them. Every time we pass by EDSA and those fly-overs there it reminds me of that cat, and I silently pray to not see another in that condition, in that road, ever again.

This evening, I was driving home from the pharmacy when I saw this little kitten laying on the street of Tordesillas. I knew she was ran over by a car. She was moving her paws, maybe trying to getup. But nobody cared to stop, or no passer-by cared enough to pick her up. So I stopped and immediately stepped out of my car just in time before another car runs over her little body. I signaled the cars to stop. It was a heart breaking sight. She was waving her little paws, catching her breath with her tongue out. I carried her immediately in the car and hurried to the 24 hour animal clinic close by. I started to cry in the car out of pity while i drove my way to the clinic, praying that she makes it and live. I had to pass 3 stop lights and 1 U-turn to get to the clinic, and at every stoplight I check on her, telling her to hang-on. But on the last stop light, she stopped moving.

When I reached the Animal clinic, I rushed in, told the personnel I have a ran over cat in my car and I need help. He came with me and carried out her lifeless body. 5 minutes later, the vet called me and said she didn't make it. The poor little kitten has died in my car. I was heart broken. I was weeping while I talked with the vet, telling them how I found her, and that I have little cats at home too.

I went home with a broken spirit and couldn't stop crying. I couldn't forget her little helpless face when I picked her up. I couldn't forget how she waved her paw and tried to catch her breath. What breaks my heart most is nobody cared. Nobody stopped for her. I don't understand how she got ran over too. She's a white kitten, easy to spot. The street is well lit. Lastly, that street is very short and at the end there's a STOP sign to give way to the main street. So it's probably another irresponsible driver who sped up in that short street where you shouldn't really speed up because you are stopping anyways. Thanks to that asshole who didn't give a shit, she's dead. May God take her little soul in heaven.

It's so sad that majority of our population don't give a damn about animals in general. I hardly know people who loves and cares about animals, not even a handful. I have seen tons of dead cats in the streets. But this one felt different. This is the very first time I've seen one dying in my sight. Yet, this is not the first time I have witness how heartless people can be with animals. Imagine if it was a human being? Imagine if it was a kid? Would you let her die? Of course not. But she wasn't human, was she? So why give a damn?

It's funny how many people supports the movement against the Reproductive Health Bill - because they say we are a Catholic country, we are PRO-LIFE. But by being pro-life should mean you preserve, value, and respect life - IN ALL FORMS. You get to be the judge of the hypocrisy there.

This evening, I remember that cat in the fly-over. But this time I had the chance to stop and help. It just saddens me that it didn't make a difference. The poor little kitten still died. Mark said, at least she died with dignity. If I didn't pick her up, she would have been ran over and over again, until there's nothing left of her body. At least now she'll get buried. And at least before she closed her eyes, she felt compassion, care, and in that short time, loved.

I pray for her little soul.

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