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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Annie and Nikki, Now Nermal and Garfield

We are very happy to find a new family for Annie and Nikki 2 weeks ago! We are also blessed that we found a real animal loving family, makes us feel more secured and less worried about what will be the outcome of their lives in the future. But as much as we hoped that they would keep their names, they changed it to Nermal and Garfield. I know, Garfield and Nermal are both male cats, but I don't think Annie and Nikki would mind :). We miss them, but yet we are happy and at peace to know that they are being loved and cared for.

Both Annie and Nikki were too young to be separated from their mom. So they found the "mother image" in the form of Lotto. Everyday they try to suck on Lotto's nipples, and everyday I try to drag them away :P. Lotto, however, seems to enjoy being their mom.

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