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Friday, August 19, 2011

Haydi, Now a Beautiful Black Kitten

Haydi's status now is adopted. She's living with an animal loving family, and is living with a friend named Missy - a very smart Calico female cat.

Every time I look at Haydi's photos that I took when we found her, it always amazes me how she turned out to be one beautiful, gentle, black kitty.

She spent a week confined in a vet clinic to cure her respiratory problem and a badly infected wound found on her head. We fostered her for a month, feeding her with nutritious food and nurturing her with TLC. She turned out to be a very gentle kitten. I could hardly feel she's around, because she just always lay quietly beside you, cuddles you in the morning, and never whines when she's hungry. It wasn't also hard to potty train her. We didn't even expect that the bald spot due to the wounds she had would grow fur again. Anyways, she became a beautiful black cat that we grew attached with.

The time has come that she needs to be adopted. Mark and I have actually had second thoughts on getting her adopted since we both have grown to like and love her. She was never a bother. But we already have 4 full grown cats, plus we have a small space to house another. We promised before that our max will be 4, but when Haydi came, we almost broke the rule. It was pretty hard for us to let her go.

Mark and I felt like crying when we were driving her to her new family, thanks to the bad traffic that evening, we were distracted. But the sadness of letting her go turned to happy thoughts as soon as we met Ginger and Tita Agnes, the family that will take her in. They welcomed her with a hug and they were very excited. We also met Missy, a bossy and smart calico family cat, who seemed to be curious too of Haydi. I felt ease and comfort knowing that we'll give Haydi to a responsible and loving owners, who we trust that will treat her as a member of the family, and not just a possession.

We were sad to let her go, but we wouldn't be able to help more if we will keep each one that we get attached to. Mark still misses her. One morning he woke up thinking that Haydi was laying beside him, only to find out that it's just a crumpled black shirt. But in spite of the loneliness, a bigger part of our heart is filled with happiness for the fact that we have this feeling of ease, that Haydi's in good hands, and that she's in a family now that accepts her as a member - who will love and care for her for the rest of her life.


  1. Today, my first rescue Miriam who was found inside a car engine meowing very loudly was adopted. We both felt sad, but happy that she now has a forever home and it really helps a lot knowing that the new owners will take care of her. I almost cried. But this also teaches me about the wisdom of detachment and impermanence.

  2. I agree. It's indeed sad to let go specially if you have really taken good care of the kitty. I cry all the time when I send off my rescues to their new homes. I always worry about what if he/she won't get the same attention, care and love I gave her from her new family and such and such. But at the end of the day, we really have to let go. My hands are full now and I won't be able to continue helping others if I won't let go and find good homes for the ones I have helped.