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Friday, August 19, 2011

The Story of Pan

Pan was rescued in August 5. I went to my friends house for lunch after taking care of a few things for our wedding the next day. We were having coffee at the front of her house when we notice a guard came out of one of the apartments, holding a dust pan - with a kitten on it. I immediately approached the guard and asked what's he going to do with it, and asked if he will throw it away. He denied and said he will just bring it out of the compound. I was confused because he brought it out of the house and, what? The owner doesn't want it anymore? The guard said it wasn't owned by anyone, and it was just thrown inside their place from the other side (apparently, there's an open area inside the house). So I took it. The guard was confused saying "It's blind, are you still going to take it?", I said "No it's not blind, it is sick, very sick. You don't just throw away kittens like that", he said "No, I'm not throwing it away, I will just bring it out because they don't want it here".  He probably felt guilty when I picked it up that he started explaining himself, telling things about stray cats that come and go in the compound.

The rescued Pan.
Pan's eyes were closed, that's why the guard thought she's blind. Her eyes were covered with heavy dried mucus, covered in dirt and fleas all over. She also had small wounds all over her small body because of the fleas bites. She's about 6 weeks old. I took her to the vet for checkup, and there she was confined until cleared from infection and possible transmissible diseases.

So Pan's name was derived from the word "pandakot" which is dust pan in Tagalog. But I realized today, that the name fits her so much, because she looks like a "paniki" (bat) too :).

Like everyone else, she gets along pretty well with Lotto. She have a very good appetite. In fact, she eats so much her tummy is so big that she looks like a big ball of fur. When she runs, she runs sideways - could hardly carry her big belly! I think she's catching up with food.  So far she's doing well. In 2 weeks we will bring her back to the clinic for a follow up check-up. When she's 100% healthy, we will put her up for adoption.

The Batpan warning.

Batpan fights for justice.


  1. You're a good cat rescuer ! I can see that she's in a good hand. Pan is completely healthier than the first time you found her.

  2. Hey Tika! Thanks for dropping by here too hehe! So much blogs I'm trying to keep active nowadays haha! Pan's been better, but also sickly. She's again in the hospital. The poor little girl spent most of life in the hospital than playing and eating here at home. But I'm hopeful that she'll get on her feet soon, with better immune system and stuff.