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Monday, August 22, 2011

Cal from Kalayaan - Another Rescue

We were walking home from Rockwell, along Kalayaan Ave. when Mark heard a distressed crying somewhere close. He didn't have a hard time looking for the kitten because it was super loud and eventually has revealed itself. Like the usual, this little kitten have a terrible eye infection. Obviously, it couldn't fend for itself since the mucus on its eyes were totally dried up he could hardly open it. The mommy cat was nowhere to be found. We took it immediately to the closes 24 hour veterinary clinic where he was cleaned and de-wormed. We got an eye drops for the eye infection too.
 We named this little kitten Cal - from the street where we found him "Kalayaan", plus we just watched Crazy Stupid Love, where the main character was called Cal.

Not so sure why he wanted to climb on my face.
It was probably too early for Cal to be separated from his mom, which explains how unbelievably clingy he is. I could hardly do anything at home because of his loud cries. He constantly wants to be cradled. So to make him shut up and saves me the trouble of taking paracetamol for myself (loud noises gives me migraine), I just carry him around. When he falls asleep, I still can't leave his side because the moment he realizes he's alone on the couch, he will start crying.

He's so clingy, he wouldn't eat on the bowl. He would like me to pick up the wet cat food, and feed him with my fingers. I really don't enjoy the fishy smell of wet cat food, but I had to do it, else he wouldn't eat. Just for 24 hours, he became a spoiled little brat!

Cal thinks he's too good for the basket.
On the other hand, he looks healthy. I gave him a sponge bath this morning, to remove the remaining road dirt on his paws. After the eye medication, we will send him for adoption.

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