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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pan In The Hospital

After 24 hours of no improvement, I decided to rush Pan to the vet clinic. Yesterday, she spent day and night on the bed, curled up and almost always sleeping. I had to carry her to the litter box to do her thing and she could hardly stand up. I gave her vitamins as usual and she took it, but ate only a little of her wet food.

As usual, I went to the Animal House since it's the closest though not cheap. My car's coded today so I can't drive to Mandaluyong to visit our other vet who's taking care of Nishi, Patterick and Sylvia. I think it is also a good thing because Dr. Tina was on duty, the doctor who took care of Pan when I first got her. At least she has Pan's history.

Pan was just curled up inside her kennel, and would hardly move. Dr. Tina gave her a dose of glucose, to increase her blood sugar in case it's the reason for her low energy level. Pan was also x-rayed to see if there's a fracture on her hind legs because she can hardly stand up, and she cries when the doctor pinches that part. The x-ray showed a possible fracture or a sprain (as explained to me), and there were poop deposits in her intestines. Apparently, even when she do #2 every day, she not getting rid of everything so the doctor will also give her laxative. Dr. Tina said that she probably had a rough play with the other cats in this house, or possibly fell somewhere, and since she's still a young kitten, her  bones are still developing so she wasn't able to handle the impact. She did climb our chairs a lot, and I have no idea if she did fell at all. Tomorrow, she will have blood test too, to eliminate the possibility of infection since she also have fever. Dr. Tina recommended that she stayed in the clinic for observation. I left her with an IV attached to her tiny arms :(, laying on the little towel I brought for her to sleep on.

I hope that there's nothing more serious than that. I miss my little Pan :(.

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