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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Lotto in the Balcony

Lotto just found a way to cross to the extended balcony, where no cat is allowed. The extended balcony is open air, with a low wall division between my neighbor's extended balconies that any cat can jump on. I'm afraid of two things - they fall off the balcony to the street, or they cross the neighbor's balcony and run in to a dog.

Mark worked so hard to reinforce the cat-proofing system, that was once destroyed a few weeks ago, in the inner balcony. Unfortunately, Lotto outsmarted our system and can now cross constantly. His only problem is getting back. He can't come back so he just cries.

It's funny that he can't deny he was out, because his tail smelled like rosemary. I have a nice fat rosemary plant in a pot on the extended balcony :P

He's now locked in, until we reinforce cat protection tomorrow.

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