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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Lotto, Naughy But Neat.

I caught Lotto again, for the nth time, in the outer balcony. Bringing him back isn't a problem because he can easily be lured back with food. So I locked him in until Mark figures out how we can prevent him from crossing the line again.

But then, he needed to go. We have a small litter box inside, which is for the kittens we are fostering. I saw him carefully fitting himself in that small box, as he do his business very carefully. It was hilarious to see how he tried to perfectly fit his ass on that box. Before he finished, I left the room with the thoughts that shit the room will be stinky. I grabbed the pooper scooper to clean up the box, returned to the room, and I was surprised! I still can't get over the thought and I still laugh just thinking about it. The room didn't stink. He was even able to bury the poop - without spilling any sand on the floor!

I don't know if he's just naturally smart and neat - or he just have an OCD.

It's also worth to mention that Lotto was the only cat in this house that was able to use our toilet trainer properly. Not too long ago, we bought a toilet trainer to transition our cats from using the litter box to using our toilet. We had a small stool where they can jump on if the toilet feels too high for them. Only Lotto seemed to get the concept, and I always see him using it.

But since I see shit there every time, I thought everyone's using it. I felt proud of ourselves for training, and proud of my cats for being smart enough to get used to it - until it was time for laundry...

It turned out, that for an entire week, they were shitting on the laundry basket. We weren't smelling it, because we just keep on piling the clothes on top. Use your imagination. Everyday shit, everyday we throw clothes in there. So layers of clothes with layers of shit. It was absolutely disgusting!

The poops in the toilet trainer, were all from Lotto, after all.

After the horrific laundry day experience, we threw away the dreams of  making our babies use the toilet for their #1s and #2s.


  1. oh gosh Marvie I have a Citi Kitty toilet trainer with rings but it's still in the box bec I can't find any flushable litter. Also I can't find time training them as I am afraid that they'll just create a lot of mess in the already messy cat bathroom. This is a good excuse for me not to try it out. :-) Did you guys throw away all those clothes?

  2. Hahaha! Well... you've been warned LOL! I guess we weren't successful because it's just impossible to do this with (then) 4 cats. It's probably too stressful for them so they decided to punish us. This will sound gross but I hand washed those clothes :P i can't throw it away most of the victim clothes were our favorites. I was just thankful that it wasn't diarrhea :P haha just thinking about it makes me want to puke again :P