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Friday, September 2, 2011

Pan's Back, Hyper Than Ever!

The return of the Pan.
After a week of confinement and treatment in the animal clinic, Pan is now back, hyper than ever!

She was diagnosed to have a hip trauma, caused by either a rough play or a fall. This was the cause of the fever and the sudden appetite loss. At one point, the doctor had to assist her peeing/pooping by expressing her bladder. But thank God, alle's goed now.

For a week being apart, she grew so much. She's bigger now, more active and alert, and more rowdy. Pan loves to attack-play the two other kittens we are fostering, Kal and Van. She's like a Mexican jumping bean. Unstoppable. We always have to watch over the two kittens because she's always rough playing. Right now, Kal's limping and we are suspecting it's because of her. So Kal's now off limits at the moment.


  1. Poor Kal! ^^; But Pan-pan's back! I LOL-ed at "Mexican jumping bean." She's missed playing so much after being listless for so long. <3

    You guys take pretty good photos of your kitties. Mine are mostly blurry... xD

  2. Thanks dear! It takes a lot of patience because they move around so much and practice too haha! Maybe one time we'll visit you and I'll take photos of your kittlings :)

  3. Hehe maybe! But I'm sure you know what a house messed up by cats looks like. :P Mine is, except, maybe, a hundred times over, because I'm that extra cat. ^^;