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Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Recovering Lotto

Lotto is extra sweet these days, after he recovered from a 3 day confinement in the vet clinic. It was a roller coaster week for the Lots health-wise, but he's almost fully recovered. So much has happened, but let me explain what's up with the shirt he's wearing.

He have a wound on his back that he just can't help but to lick. It won't heal completely because he keeps on licking it, so instead of giving him the cone of shame (which drives him nuts), we decided to give him a shirt. So I made him a shirt. Yup, I made him a shirt - by hand. I like making dresses for my dolls when I was young, and apparently I haven't forgotten how it's done. Unfortunately, I only have a scrap fabric available, and that fabric's print is just so gay. Now I laugh every time I see him in that shirt, running around, sleeping, or just chilling out with the other cats. He looks like a mother. Sorry Lottie, it's just temporary :).