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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Help! Are You Familiar With This?

After Pan's recovery from digestion/intestinal issues, a new problem came in. She is suffering now from this certain skin infection that two different vets have failed to identify. It started with a spot on her nose, and then on her head. We had her checked up even before it got worse, but no medication seem to help. Right now, we are just applying an all-in-one cream (anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal) as instructed. The skin sample's negative for scabies. It also doesn't seem to be fungal. I get worried more and more every day as I see it get worse :(, that's why I'm posting pictures of what it looks like so if you have are familiar with this, please please leave me a comment. The vet got a sample in the petri dish and they have to wait for it to grow 7-14 days, maybe to prove if it's a fungus or bacteria. I honestly don't get it. And I don't think I can wait for 14 days to know if that stupid thing grows or not. In 14 days, Pan may not have fur left.
(Note: Click on the picture to get the large version.)

See the black spot all over her nose, under and sides of the eyes? That's part of the skin infection.
Bald spots and sort of skin irritation on her feet.
Balding and sort of irritated skin on the back too. This is just new.

Skin infection on her head part. This was the first spot of the infection. It is feels dry and crusty now but I doubt that it's totally healed.
I feel terrible for Pan. At a very young age, she's been through a lot of medical conditions. Maybe she just really have a weak immune system since she was really in bad shape when I found her. If you have a pet cat and have encountered this, how was it cured and what was the experience? We've been researching various stuff, but still would like to learn more about what this is from experience, than painfully waiting for the slow effects (if there's any) of the cream, or for that 7-14 days test.


  1. Sorry dear, but I haven't seen anything like this before. I hope Pan is going to get well soon and get her fur back.

  2. Hi Marvie, do they become wet sores? Or start out as bumps? I have one cat who has allergy problems with certain foods. Praying that Pan gets better soon.

  3. Thanks Tika. Still hoping that the cream we are applying help solve the problem.

  4. Hey Gerry, the ones on the back and on the ears are quite wet. But the one on the face and on the legs aren't. We don't exactly know how it starts, but we just notice spots growing each day...

  5. Have you tried Mycocide? It worked for my cats who had the same problem. Try a small amount first on one of the affected areas. It's available at Animal House. Check also if she has FIV through a simple blood test. - Ann C. Ligaya

  6. Thanks Ann, we have mycocide now. We aren't seeing any big changes yet, but we are also in the process of boosting her immune system. Hopefully it turns out OK. Aside from this skin issues, she is very active and have a very good appetite.