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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I Deal With This Day and Night

Cats love to sleep and chill out on odd places. Nishi loves to chill on top of our fridge, while Sylvia loves to be inside of any bag, including grocery bags. Lotto, however,  loves to be behind our computer screens - most specially when I'm working.

Imagine if this is a human head - creepy. So how can I work like this?

This is Lotto's favorite spot since we got him. But he hardly fits now. He's in denial of his size.

Tell me, how can I work like this!!!

On the other hand, he's so cute. How can  I not tolerate?

Right above is Van. Very convenient guys!

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  1. Oh gosh. LOLz!!! YES I CAN RELATE. :P When I need to work on my laptop, I send them out of my room STAT. Otherwise, my keyboard would be a DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION pad console for cats. O_O