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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Visiting My Adopted Rescues

I spent the Sunday with good friends and lots of cats. We sent off Gerry's newest rescue to his new home - which was also the home of my 8 other rescues, so it was a great opportunity to pay them a visit. Four of my rescues are still in the house, while the other four are already living in the farm enjoying the sun, trees and grass. Although they hardly remember me now, I was very pleased to see them big, strong and happy cats. Here are a few photos I took.

Anton - photo op at The Animal House veterinary clinic parking space after collecting Mandy, the newest rescue.

Mandy, the cat that was rescued trapped on an island in a very busy fly-over, passed out and badly dehydrated under the scorching summer heat. He could have died from the heat itself or  from getting run over if Gerry didn't take him. He's  been dewormed and had his flees treatment. We have to wait for at least 3 days to give him a bath and finally remove all the street filth in his coat. Bless your heart Gerrybell!
Freddie (orange) and Clark (white and gray) were my rescues last year. Soon they will be sent off to the farm, enjoy more freedom and live with the other rescues. I heard my sweet Freddie is now a bully to another cat :P. But him and Clark are still the best of friends, brothers loving each other all the time. In the photo, they climbed all the way up to the ceiling trying to get away from me. They hardly remember me now, but still happy to see that they have grown to a healthy, happy cats, in a home filling them with love and care. If you want to see how they used to look like, check this link for Freddie and this for Clark.

Another kitty reaching the top of the ceiling trying to escape us!

Remember George?

Jumpy, our accidental rescue. She was seen to jump from the 5th floor of our building and caught by our security personnel thinking it was mine and has escaped. She probably went through the parking and led herself all the way up to the 5th floor.  When I said she's not mine, the guards were  going to send her out and I just felt bad because it was raining so I took her in. She was feral as hell, have been bitten and scratched by her several times. But I didn't have the heart to give up on her, so I asked Ann a favor if she can be sent to the farm instead, where she can freely live with other cats and can seclude herself if she doesn't feel like socializing with humans. Today, she's still doesn't like humans, but she doesn't scratch nor bite anymore :).

Anton have a soft spot for orange cats. His baby cat Tangerine is currently fighting for his life against FIP. This little guy he's cuddling with also have a condition and is continuously fighting against FIV. He's coping up and hanging on. Meeting him made us feel more positive about Tangerine, that he can eventually live a normal life even with his condition :).  Oh, I love Anton's colorful hair!

This is Gerry, our cult leader (hahaha!). One of the few people I admire. She has the biggest heart for animals in need.

Playing with Chasie, the white adorable cat bullied by everyone. Well you can't blame the cats. Chasie was said to not eat regular cat food. She like her human food (rice + fish). And maybe, since she doesn't benefit from the kibbles, she pees on them. This infuriates the rest of the cat gang.

Good friends + visit to the rescues = well spent Sunday.

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  1. It was a lovely day with wonderful friends and adorable cats <3