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Monday, May 28, 2012

An Early Morning Present

Today, I woke up to a crime scene.

There were bits of feathers on the bed. I got up, went to the living room, and to my horror, there were more feathers - everywhere! On a corner lies a poor dead bird. I got freaked out and screamed! The six of them were just sitting still, with their guilty faces staring at me. I'm pretty sure that my huntress, Sylvia, was the one who did it. And based on my initial investigation (that is by just scanning the whole living room from my bedroom door) after killing (or immobilizing) the poor thing (I hope it died quickly), it was thrown to Lotto and van resulting to scattered feathers, then Pan joined the party. I doubt that Nishi and Patterick have something to do with it. They are far more civilized than the rest.

I was like a child that the first thing I did was to call my husband and cry out of disgust and feeling sorry for the little thing. I didn't dare to touch it, not even get a closer look - because every time I try, I just can't pull myself together. I was really thirsty, but the body was close to the fridge, and I can't get near the fridge without seeing its lifeless body laying on the floor. I felt like an idiot walking to the fridge, covering my left eye so that I would see it from my peripheral vision. Yes, I have heard stories about cats killing birds and bringing it home as a present. But I never thought they would do this to me! I live in a condo! How the hell did they manage to catch the poor thing. And for the life I spent in this condo, not once a bird flew in. So it must just be Sylvia, who caught it from the outer balcony where she always escapes to. This leads me to my next fear - that Sylvia has caught a bird once, and she'll do it again. It is dangerous to chase a bird in a building, unless she can fly :(. I'm afraid that she might fall off the building the next time she attempts to catch another.

What's weird is that I can clean up cat shit, but not pick up a dead bird. I spent a good 20 minutes to think how I can clean up and dispose of the body. And there, I decided to call up the lobby and asked a maintenance guy to come up and pick up the dead bird. He probably was laughing in his head while he picked up the bird because I was holding my ears while he did that.

I really wish I have the guts to take a picture of it. God I'm so lame!

And I hope it's the last. I don't enjoy seeing dead animals, specially in my house.

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