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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sylvia's Business in The Extended Balcony

I really hate it when Sylvia escapes to the extended balcony. But if this is all she does, I'll probably reconsider.

Munching on my poor flowering plant that I stole got from my trip to Sonya's Garden earlier this year.

She seem to enjoy the leaves so much.

Beautiful Girl!
After the beautiful moment, I had to kill the fun and carried her back inside. Then thinking she's really out there for the plants, I put my pretty parsley plant inside in case she needs some vegetable fix. Like I expected, she ignored it and escaped once more.

She later came home with a cockroach in her mouth that she caught from the neighbors. Mystery solved! I thought my house was the one infested with roach. Apparently, Sylvia does the hunting outside and take it in for the cat family's pleasure.

I bet she did the same when I found a dead bird one morning.

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