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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Roxy's Adopted!

Roxy, the highway calico's adopted! Thanks to Gerry, a very good friend of mine who prioritized Roxy to get a home. She, as well, needed people to adopt her rescues, but she put me on top of the list :).

It was emotional (once again) for me when the adopting family came by to pick her up. I was really happy to see that the family who took her in seem to be very loving and have thought of the adoption a long time before jumping to it. To me it proves commitment. Chris and Juliana (father and daughter) came by to pick her up and it was really heartwarming to see Juliana's excitement. First she hugged my sociable cats that like guests, even my hostile Nishi Maester (but of course we tried to stop her LOL). Then as soon as she met Roxy, she carried her and saw her eyes glimmer.

Roxy, trying to be cute!
I gave Chris Roxy's vaccination card and offered to get her the last round, but he said he'll do it. Apparently, there are 2 vets in their family. I bought Roxy a send off gifts which includes a few cans of wet food and a bag of kibbles. Chris gave me peace of mind that Roxy is in good hands. He said he already bought cat stuff so the "Pangkabuhayan Showcase" was not all necessary haha!

I was really emotional when I have to give her away. I was trying to hold back my tears and just be happy, but I couldn't. In the 6 weeks we spent together, I did get attached to this tiny cat. I couldn't hold on to her though. I was sad that I won't be able to see her everyday, but I am overwhelmed with happiness to see that she found a new family to care for her, a family that will give her a new chance in life.

When they left, Chris even asked me if he owes me anything - which really, gives my heart a sense of security, that he is willing to spend on Roxy, meaning, if she gets sick or needs medical assistance in the future, they will not think twice of spending for her well being. And of course, I said no :). All I needed was for them to love, care and be patient with Roxy, and I am confident they will.

Roxy enjoying my gym bag. Thanks for the fur!
 Thank you Chris and Juliana for opening your home and your heart to Roxy. She and I will be forever grateful. Bless your hearts!

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